GST Course for beginners

GST practical knowledge GST to start a career.

About Course

Even after two years of GST, it is hard to find a good GST professional. There is an entirely new stream of work due to the introduction of GST. New concepts, consistent changes and a lot of compliances made it hard to be updated but there is a lack of even the basic knowledge of GST. So we have drafted this course to provide the required skills to do the GST consultation or working knowledge in corporates. From clarity on basic concepts to the handling of the practical issues are covered. Various compliances and filing are covered.


Who should Attend:

  • Existing Professionals already working in GST and wanted to increase their skill set.
  • Newcomers wanted to set up in the field of GST.
  • Students want to gain practical and conceptual knowledge. GST is not a part of many academic courses. Even where it is covered, only theoretical knowledge is covered, which does not fulfill the corporate leaders.
  • GST Practitioners who have passed the exam but still need some conceptual knowledge and solution to practical issues.

It will cover:

  • Constitutional background and meaning of important terms in GST law.
  • Definition of Supply and Levy. How to interpret its practical?
  • Annual returns under GST
  • Annual Return and Audit Report
  • Place of Supply of goods or services for domestic as well as international transactions
  • The requirement of registration and how to get registered in GST.
  • Returns in GST

Course Content:

  • Basic Concept & Constitutional Background
  • Levy & Supply
  • Registration & Time of Supply
  • Place of supply
  • Returns under GST
Price INR 3000